Our latest innovation - helping you to remain ECO-friendly

The latest advances in recycling technology has led to the development of Enviroscreed, a free flowing screed, free from Portland cement that will flow and compact around underfloor heating pipes without segregation. Enviroscreed uses the next generation of plasticisers combined with rheology modifiers that impart high workability whilst retaining cohesion in the screed. The result is a highly stable mixture that makes light work of screeding operations.

  • 100% recycled aggregates
  • Lightweight - 10% lighter that conventional flowing screed
  • Carbon neutral (locks carbon away in plastic)
  • Pumpable
  • Dries 1mm per day up to 40mm and 2 days per mm after up to 75mm
  • Labour reduction - less manpower compared to conventional screed
  • Fast placement - just manual consolidation with dapping tool
  • Minimal effort for compaction - leading to less voids and better bonds to heating pipes leading in turn to improved heat transfer
  • Accelerates project schedules as it speeds up construction.

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    We supply a large range of floor screeds. From traditional sand and cement to flowing screeds and concrete. If you have a problem we can come and advise you the best products to do the job for the most economical price. Our knowledge and technical back up can ensure the best possible workmanship and we offer a 5 year guarantee with all floors (Subject to conditions).

    Foggs Floors Concrete


    We can supply a large amount of screed Toppings including Cementous Coloured Screed toppings and Epoxy Finishes.. These can come in a selection of different colours and effects.

    These can offer an industrial and modern flooring solution

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    Concrete offers a extremely hard waring and durable floors for both internal and external areas. Power floated concrete, leaves a smooth finished floor while Colours can be added to the concrete to offer shading , Pattern imprinted driveways offer a low maintaince solution and Flowing concrete can be an easy and economic solution to big jobs.

    Concrete pumps ,Mesh and a selection of Fibres can be used to help supply the right materials for the job.


    Diamond Polished floors offers a smooth mirror glass like finish that can be done on both concrete and Screed Toppings. We can offer a limitless choose of colours and finishes, weather you are restoring an old concrete floor or want a bespoke floor.


    We have a large selection of machines from large 3 phase robotic machines to small hand held all with dust extraction.

    We have a good technical knowledge to use the right machine with the right diamonds to remove / prep the floor ready for the next stage of works